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About 3 years ago, I wrote an introductory article titled 'Who Am I'. My reason for writing it was to give people an insight into me as an individual, my personality, likes and aspirations in life. So much has changed since then and looking back now, I can say 'with my full chest' that I wrote that article from the perspective of who I thought I was. Don't get me wrong, I did not give any false information, I have simply had a slight perspective shift. With 3 years gone, I have stopped thinking about who I was or overthinking every move. Now I am focused ON BECOMING who I want to be.

Someone once asked me - 'If I gave you a million pounds, would you still do the things you're currently doing?'. At the time I said 'heck no!'. I responded in that manner because I was not yet who I wanted to be. That, amongst other life lessons, took me on a journey of 'self-discovery' as they say - and led me to think beyond the surface. It led me to have a purpose - one that would enable me to live content every day regardless of the challenges faced. If I am asked that question again, I would probably say - 'give me the money first and we'll see what happens'. Just jokes!

So who am I becoming? What are my aspirations now? Who Am I? Simple answer - I am becoming more appreciative of life and thankful for challenges because I have learnt a lot from them, I aspire to make positive change and add value wherever my feet take me, I am resilient, relentless and brave to challenge the norm and keep moving. This is a summary of who I am now and who I aspire to be always. As I highlighted earlier, not much has changed - just a slight perspective shift.

This is probably the point in most articles where some inspiring conclusion or great quote is made to drive the point home. But as you might suspect - it's not that type of article. This is just me giving you a quick update on my state of mind since the last time you read something that allowed you to paint a picture of me. Grab your mental brushes one more time and paint this - Tobi is still full of energy, still not a fan of beans (with the exception being baked beans), still loves action movies but is now more mindful than ever and has a new favourite colour - white!

Thank you for reading. I hope to write more articles (that might actually add value to someone) mostly tailored to my experience as a young black woman in the diaspora as well as other experiences that have and continue to shape my skills, and professional and personal development. But until then, stay safe!

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