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Going on 29: Letting Go and Embracing Change

As human beings, we are constantly evolving, growing, and learning. Looking back on our lives, we can often see moments of significant change, where we become more intentional with our actions, more self-aware, and more thoughtful. For me, one of these moments is now as I approach my 30s.

It seems like just yesterday when I was 25 years old, feeling lost and uncertain about my future. Fast forward to now, and I am turning 29, filled with a sense of awe and excitement about who I am becoming. I am writing this article to mark this moment in my life and to share with you some valuable pieces of advice that I would give to my younger self.

Don't be a people pleaser

The first piece of advice I would give is not to dwell on what people think about you. You have probably heard this a thousand and one times but it is easy to get caught up in the opinions of others and to forget about who we truly are. I remember spending so much time trying to please everyone, afraid of being judged. But as I have grown older, I have come to realize that it's impossible to please everyone therefore, it is crucial to be true to ourselves and to focus on what truly matters.

Speak up for yourself

The second piece of advice I would give is to never be afraid to speak up for yourself or speak the truth. I used to be terrified of conflict and would avoid confrontation at all costs. But sometimes, speaking up is necessary, and it takes courage. It's essential, however, to choose the right time and place to share the truth. Honesty is good, but timing is everything.

Say no to toxic friends

Cutting off toxic friends is another crucial piece of advice that I would give to my younger self. I am not one to burn bridges and if anything, I try my best to salvage relationships but toxic friendships can be draining and detrimental to our mental health. It's essential to surround ourselves with people who uplift and support us, people who genuinely care about our well-being. This is a hard decision especially if you are ending a long-term friendship but the relief that comes from letting go is next to none so I highly recommend taking the bold step if necessary.

Mind, body and soul

The fourth piece of advice I would give is to pay attention to your mental and physical state. I cannot stress this enough. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget about our own needs. But self-care is not selfish; it's crucial to prioritize our well-being at all times because, at the end of the day, we can't pour from an empty cup.


Lastly, I would tell my younger self to be patient and kind to herself. Life is a journey, and we are constantly evolving. It's essential to embrace our mistakes and learn from them. Every experience, whether good or bad, is an opportunity to grow and become a better version of ourselves.

As I reflect on my journey so far, I am grateful for the person I have become. I am more confident, self-aware, and intentional. I hope that my advice to my younger self can be of help to someone else going through a similar journey. Remember, life is a journey, and it's never too late to start making changes and becoming the best version of yourself.

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